2022 Qi Men Dun Jia Annual Chart

2022 Qi Men Dun Jia Annual Chart
2022 Qi Men Dun Jia Annual Chart – 奇門遁甲

[Last updated: April 9, 2022 | East Palace]

2022 Qi Men Dun Jia

Here is the 2022 Qi Men Dun Jia Annual Chart (奇門遁甲) with 5 elements indication under the English name of each elements. The 7 Star Path and 28 Constellation (Joey Yap’s School’s unique layers), these information are subjected to Joey Yap Matery Academy. You can read more about the 7 Star Path here.

2022 Qi Men Chart & Your Qi Men Destiny

Here is the 2022 Qi Men Chart for those who seeking to discover and plan their spiritual path, subconscious energy or theme of life beside using Bazi Destiny.

This is where you should be looking for, first of all discover your own Qi Men Destiny or use Joey Yap’s Bazi Calculator to find-out where is your Destiny Palace and overlay this information to reflect your natal Qi Men Destiny Palace then overlay with your current Luck Palace.

Qi Men Destiny Plotter: https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx
Joey Yap Bazi Calculator : https://bazibz.masteryacademy.com/App/Basic/Default.aspx

Southeast Palace

2022 Qi Men Destiny South East Palace
2022 Qi Men Destiny South East Palace

Fierce Snake Enters Prison

As the REN in Southeast is in one of the 6 Crescent Punishment, you may be trapped in others’ problem which eventually dragged you into entrapment. Despite being trapped you will still required to solve these sets of problem. So be cautious not to take upcoming hurdles, obstacles easily especially when it involved legal, agreement, partnership, offering help as you may easily entangled with legal, lawsuit or worst potentially framed by someone.

Please refrain yourself from taking hasty action, learn how to be lay low and be patience to take action according to progress with clearance.

With the Pirate Star or Heavenly Grass star You may over-stressed yourself with negative statement and felt yourself living in dangerous, constantly change environment. This is where your ANT (Automatic Negative Thoughts) or some call your “Little Voice” will amplify your fear of uncertainties. Therefore you raise your consciousness not to let these negative voice bring your down.

While the Spirit Realm you have the Xuan Wu Warrior or the Black Tortoise, first of all you need to learn how to turn off your mind from sensing too much noises around you, instead learn how to attune towards listening to your inner-voice for those who already negatively affected.

While for those who would like to train to attune with this special energy with this energy, you can learn how to influence the masses for greater good such as uplifting others, understand how their mind work and funnel them back on track.

Good News is you have Double Emptiness

The good thing is despite all these negativity, the Double Emptiness reduces the problem, but this does not make it entirely gone. The problem would be reduced but with the Xuan Wu, The Warrior or Black Tortoise spirit, your mind could easily manifest the negativity, therefore journalling or conscious living would help you to navigate your life easier this year.

Extra Cautious

If you have the Tiger Zodiac, Snake Zodiac and Monkey Zodiac in your Bazi destiny chart then please take extra cautious as this also your Harm and Ungrateful Punishment which would amplify the overall negative effect in this palace.

With the VOID constellation

Basically the VOID constellation is just like a black hole(as the name is void) where it would suck away everything that comes into its’ path. Therefore you shall stay reminded not to overly attached with all the problem, learn how to let go and be willing to surrender your negative tone to increase your capacity to install positive energy.

Personal Spiritual Energy

Your Throat Chakra need to be unblocked this year, learn how to speak yourself out, write down what truly matters to you, what you think, what shall be get done, why does it matters to other people. Remember, the more your suppress within you, the bigger the volcanic eruption would be.


As the year may seems filled with uncertainties, take this period to regulate, or rejuvenate yourself. Clear your mind, detach all these negativities and unhealthy baggage.

If you don’t know how to regulate then you will manifest all the negativity into fear, amplifying the negative thoughts, what can go wrong would go wrong. When these happened you would fall into all the negativity mentioned above.

Therefore you shall allocate more time to take a step back, allocate more time to self-reflect, progress review and find way rediscover what excites you, shift your thought towards transforming your life which lead you towards this personal breakthrough.

Your health, wellness and self progress should be your top 2 priority this year. Find your own Sky Horse star to plan for your holidays and rejuvenate with yourself, rediscover your self positioning, where are you in your journey now and how should you move towards your goal.

South Palace

2022 Qi Men Destiny South Palace
2022 Qi Men Destiny South Palace

Red Phoenix Diving Water

DING entering GUI formed the “Red Phoenix Diving Water” formation which denote this year you may be taking on a suicide mission. Imagine yourself as the fiery phoenix flying through a misty area while trying to call your friends asking them for information, advice, hints, guides but due to the misty condition, you just can’t seem to find your direction.

Under the Officer or Heavenly Ambassador star you may want to play things conservatively while maintaining your high expectation. Plus together with the White Tiger spirit, your aggressiveness and courage boost you to charge ahead no matter what it takes. Your good intention to bring everyone forward may interpreted as selfish and not considerate of others.

The Astride constellation would further aggravate the difficulties to gain better clarity in term of communication, everything just seems doesn’t worth everyone’s effort to contribute more. This may pushes you to go through this journey alone, trying to find answers on your own, fighting a lonely battle.

Despite the negativity, now that you have discovered the importance of remaining persistent and having faith to work together with your team or people around you, it’s time to learn how to plan and align with your team. Ensure everyone understands and how important this goal means for everyone. Having faith and persistence is crucial, but it needs to be overlay with open communication in order enrolling everyone so they can increase the success rate.

Personal Spiritual Energy

This is the time where you shall reconnect with your inner self with the White Tiger. Gain the courage to strategically executing your ideas. Set your clear vision straight and plan your action strategically and take the leadership to propel others to fight towards the goal you envision.


Have a clear plan, understand the potential circumstances ahead. Use Qi Men to forecast the journey to find the overview and hints to prep yourself. There are big reward in the end of this journey, but your persistency is the ultimate game changer.

Therefore you shall practise open communication, ensure everyone understand the current goal, direction and onboard those who involved in your project. With the OPEN DOOR, be willing to listen and makesure others’ voice are being received with feedback as acknowledgment. Open your radar to detect potential input, filter out the noises then extract the crucial points which benefit your plan.

If you’ve been stagnant, not doing well, wanting to experience major breakthrough in life then this palace will propel you with courage, take lead and be the in the limelight to shine and stay consistent to reach your goal. Craft your vivid vision, fill in what need to happen then time the action according to your monthly energy.

Southwest Palace

2022 Qi Men Destiny Southwest Palace
2022 Qi Men Destiny Southwest Palace

The theme for this year is to change the status quo. Whatever we want in life come from other people, thus you have to grow your network in order to increase your chances to get your goal materialized. 

Activate the Six Harmony or Unite spirit to bring forward people who could be helpful to you and also who can gain benefit from you.

This year the environment may pushes you out of your comfort zone. Be aware of this, any stagnation you felt is the beginning of downfall if not taken seriously. Either you pro-actively make the effort to change according to market and trend or you’ll be left behind.

White Tiger stems formation

Geng on top of Xin formed the White Tiger stems formation which brings extreme inauspicious sign if you are blindly focus on greediness and self-centered. With the hidden Wu in earthly plate there may lies hidden obstacles and restrictions, and these exists for a reason and it is you who need to learn the rule of the game. Understand how you can play and navigate around or find way to create your own rule to challenge the status quo.

With the Rest door situated in Kun gua, you need to learn to have faith, persistency, perseverance and most of all consistency in order to prove your worthiness of your goal. You shall apply the soft touch attack inspired by Tai Chi or Qi Gong instead of conventional hard approach. By adapting the flow of energy, you’ll learn how to bend the energy to penetrate all the obstacle above. By the way, there are helpful people and mentor observing how true you stay to your path from afar, prove your own worthiness.

Heart Constellation

Overall the situation are also further influenced by the Heart constellation where resilience is the distinctive game changer. Be flexible to make change and adaptive, be agile to fail fast and change fast.

Boosted with the Sky Horse

With the Sky Horse overall it would double up the speed and overall impact, thus you have to spend more time in crafting your plan and split your plan into a small actionable steps. Plan is crucial to guide your momentum to propel towards the right direction.

Personal Spiritual Energy

To stay persistent and resilient, you may sometime fall into self doubt questioning if this is the path worthy of you. Regain your own inner power, clear your Solar Plexus and recharge via energy healing or singing bowl. It will help you to regain your control and still your mind to focus on single track.

Extra Note

Note to those who especially have the horse, snake, pig zodiac. You have to be extra careful when it comes to legal documentation, potential of dispute and do not become a guarantor blindly. 


Solution will be there as long as you willing to go through the test of time, as shown by the Relief hexagram transforming to the Consistency hexagram. If whatever you’re pursuing now is true and worthy, then stay true to the path no matter what.

You do what you do is because of who you are, not just because you just want the outcome

Jonath Lee @ Renerqi

West Palace

Qi Men Destiny Palace - West
Qi Men Destiny Palace – West

Rebelling Earth Door

Ji on top of Bing Fire form Rebelling Earth Door formation where the foundation of your own self-identity would be in question. Throughout our life we are presented with various obstacles, challenges and these were either meant to train us, reward us, teaches us or even show us we may be heading to the wrong direction.

Ultimate Learning with The Great Moon Spirit with Heavenly Assistant Star

Don’t let your emotion sway whenever these obstacles arises, when you are in doubt then go out to seek for more the answer, together with the Great Moon, Heavenly Assistant Star this is definitely a good time for you to learn how to stay ahead of your game.

Best is to co-design your destiny by taking part in creating your obstacles, list down all your fear, all the thing that may potentially hold you down and turn it into your strength. Sort of like creating your own mini-gym routine.

The biggest challenge here is temptation, especially for the ladies you have to be mindful and aware of your identity, and how important it is to stand firm with your ground, as adultery, obscenity could cause you huge amount of trouble. Same goes to the man, however you may have a different obstacles where you may be dragged down into others’ dram and worst you may be framed in this case.

Therefore you shall tune down your emotion and tune up the Logical mind to stay alert to analyze circumstances, do your due diligence to assessing your environment and what type of risk are you taking.

Life Door

With the Life Door this is where you shall maximise your knowledge, resources, your effort, your understanding, information to navigate through these challenges. This is how you shall consciously take action on top of challenges, and you shall be rewarded. You may need to save your energy to only tackle those within your control first, small win matters a lot in this case.

GHOST Constellation

With the GHOST constellation your theme of this year will be fully amplified in term of negativity, this is another layer of life training where you shall learn how to spot the trouble maker, the bad seeds which grows on your soil. Pluck it up and throw it away, furnish your soil with more positive seeds.


For those who have the Academic Stars like the Tiger and Monkey Zodiac you can back West direction during your study or doing research. The Great Moon spirit will further boost your study ability.

Overall for those who’s Qi Men Destiny Palace is situated in the East, it’s always about making small progress to outgrow your yesterday. You can chant this mantra below;

Everyday, in everyway I am getting better and better,
my dear spirit guardian [name], help me in improving my knowledge 1% better than yesterday.

Remember, every big plan start from small steps, each baby steps you took, you are always 1 step ahead from yesterday and that is all you need to make progress. No need to act hastily, everyone have their own pace so does yours.

Northwest Palace

Qi Men Destiny Northwest Destiny Palace
Qi Men Destiny Northwest Destiny Palace

For those with Qi Men Destiny Northwest Palace, this year you can craft your plan well to attain your goal smoothly.

Elegant Seal Meets Star

Gui on top of Yi form the Elegant Seal Meets Star formation which is one of the moderate luck where the good part is you will reach your goal, able to attained your desired outcome by building and establishing your professional network. Anything you want can be achieved together with like-minded people, in this case there are potential long dangling issue which forced you to take the initiate to make things happen.

Heavenly Heroic Star with Harm Door

With both these located in Qian Gua, you may need to prep yourself with 2 types of strategies depends on the actual situation;

  1. If everyone around you were striving hard towards their goal, then you have to seek deeper to understand how your entire game work, seek deeper to understand the mechanism of your game and start planting your seeds/plan with the right people, right resources along your path then activate them when needed.
  2. If people around you were in the midst of awakening, then stay acting dumb then influence them to be less proactive, reduce their alertness, lower your guard (despite planning behind your calmness). When the circumstances arises you shall go full force to take on those challenges, be bold to confront any problem before everyone else start to take action.

Surging Snake

Plan your journey and start enrolling others to align with your schedule so your time will not be gone stolen by others over their urgency. With the Surging Snake there are are lingering issue which would easily invoking how other perceive you based on whatever you blurted out from your mouth, therefore you shall mindful over whatever you say as it may be used against you.

In order to align yourself with this palace’s energy, you have to start planting your seeds/plan ahead, use the Surging Snake to increase your intuition to navigate the circumstances by discovering the underlying issue such as deceit, corruption, abnormal, addictive or unhealthy engagement which may drag the entire crisis to an uncontrollably situation. You can use this as you advantage (if you understand the hexagram and the transformation/changing line).


As the Hexagram 24 – Biting transforming into Hexagram 48-Well, you have to learn how to deep dive into understand the game you’re playing. Deep understanding of the game’s mechanism will allow you to start planting the right seeds, resources, and strategically execute your plan accordingly. It’s okay if you may fail once awhile, this is normal as you do need some trial in order to understand how to play your game well.


For those who are seeking for opportunities, resources, or wanting to increase your intuition with environmental energy then this is the best direction. With the Surging Snake at 7 star level this is one of the best direction to increase your intuition and radar. Back this direction for the entire month to manifest or to ask the Surging Snake spirit to increase your intuition to either grasp opportunities or energy related works.

North Palace

Qi Men Destiny North Destiny Palace
Qi Men Destiny North Destiny Palace

Green Dragon Enters Prison

Jia on Ren forms the Green Dragon Enters Prison where you would experience circumstances which gotten you trapped, having difficulties to reach for help. You have to be careful with people who you’re dealing with, get your plan or agreement recorded down in black and white to prevent protect both side.

Menacing Snake Enters Prison

Another issue you have to pay attention is to safeguard your space to protect yourself from enemy’s intrusion, but first you have to know how to recognize the enemy. Understand what could jeopardize your plan, what may looks good could be tempting you into your downfall. Stay away from temptation, keep your guard high.

Delusion Door with the Hidden Wu stem

With the Door of Deception or Delusion Door with the Hidden Wu stem, there are 3 things you need to remember. 1st, create your safe space to rework your plan. 2nd, hide & protect your resources just like your secret sauce. 3rd is to focus on hustling your plan and get it market validation with the right audience (beta testers), continue to sharpen your ideas and set your timeline to launch to transform the right audience with the right intention.

Too much noise sometime is what turning you off, you should know what truly work for your goal and what noises need to be filtered out.

Grain with Deception/Delusion Door, Back To Your Garage/Workspace

Step backward into your garage or workspace to rework your plan, is time to dig out all your past resources and use your innovative mind to bring a brand new life to these (connecting the dots). Whatever you have been accumulating shall serve its’ new purpose. 
Don’t unleash your work until it’s been well used by your target audience. Even there are potential of petty saboteurs around who tend to pull you down, keep your mind on track to avoid them.

Backed by The Leader / Chief Spirit

With the Leader or the Chief spirit at Star Path 1, this may brings you the dilemma whether to share your intention or keep it for yourself. Well in the first half just set yourself in the seclusion to rework your plan, connect all your past resources where they deserve your appreciation and you will realized how grateful it is for giving them a brand new definition in upcoming period.

Creative Boost from the Sun Constellation

The Sun Constellation further boost your creative juice, this will further enhance your ability to craft unique solutions, command the Leader or Chief Spirit to bring forward resources in timely manner. Beware of 2 things;

  1. Greediness will trap you dearly
  2. Be practical and rational in your execution and approach

Extra Note:

For those who may have health issue, or your health palace is situated in the North then stop hiding or ignoring the problem. Go out to seek for a proper medical diagnosis, and relevant treatment.
Overall with the Rising Hexagram transforming into the Unity Harmony, set yourself focus in innovate with past resources to create a brand new solution, as long as you are focusing enough on solving the real needs, step by step you are moving forward to bring the real impact to others with a real deal. This hustling does required a lot of toughness but it will turned out to be rewarding more than what you expected.


Northeast Palace

Qi Men Destiny Northeast Destiny Palace
Qi Men Destiny Northeast Destiny Palace

Moon Noble Red Phoenix

We always love when Bing on Ding went into the same palace, both they forms Moon Noble Red Phoenix which bring you support, assistant from noble person, your journey this year will be smoothen out.

If you have been applying or seeking for certain writing approval well this is where you will receive auspicious assistant in this matter.

9 Heaven Spirit with Foundation Constellation

With the 9 Heaven spirit this is the year for you to start materialize your vision, in term of the lifestyle you’ve been wanting, your ideal career outcome, how your future self shall begin this year. Set your vision as vivid with vision board, daily envisioning, self priming method will help you to materialize this formation.

Outlook Door & Heavenly Pillar

With the Outlook Door in Gen palace you have to set a brand new perception towards your existing goal, re-envision your goal and restructure how everything need to be handle, strengthening your foundation/team with the right people in the right role.

Those who complaint the most shall be reposition behind the scene to tackle whatever they have ideas on. So you have to be able to see the set of competency within your team or recruit based on the right attitude to fit on each pillar, after-all skillset can be easily attain, right mindset influence the trajectory of your vision.

Remember to always stay in the control tower to manage and oversee how everything work below in the operation level, avoid yourself being dragged into the operation as much as possible.

Hexagram 49 Reform transforming into Hexagram 43 Eliminating shows clearly above mentioned strategy would required you to remodel how you make things happen this year which may include your existing project.

Heaven Dun / Heavenly Feign

All these auspicious formation also form one of the most unique Heaven Dun or Heavenly Feign in Joey Yap’s terminology. This formation boost your ability to gain support from the masses into any endeavour.


Overall this year you shall set your mind clear with vivid vision and clarity. Laydown your master plan and break down your big picture into small and actionable chunks to lead others.

If you already had a project in progress, well this year you have to restructure and fit the right role with the right people, remove or re-arrange those who seems couldn’t fit into the puzzle, they either belong to other area or somewhere else. Changes are necessary in order to move forward.

With the Heavenly Pillar star you have to stay afloat above to help people to see where and how they are connecting the dots as well as solving all the mentioned actionable chunks.

Use 2022 Qi Men Feng Shui together with this layer as this year’s Grand Duke the Tiger Zodiac is situated in this palace as well. So connect all these layers into an action plan (plus with the Flying Star 8 ). Break your plan down and work it out, get yourself and your team busy executing towards your vivid vision.

East Palace

Qi Men Destiny East Destiny Palace
Qi Men Destiny East Destiny Palace

Day Noble Punishment

Yi on Geng forms the Day Noble Punishment formation which brings separation, split path which may ended with costly legal entanglement or lawsuits. Therefore you need to be extra-careful when it come to agreement, promises, and find way to find way to align all shared common goals.

The more you wanted to control, the more you may have missed out to understand the true intention of others.

Death Door – Leads The End

If you already stuck in a never-ending turmoil perhaps it’s time for you to let go, with the Leading Death Door it’s time for you to put and end into the meaningless chapter. Meaningful life starts from closing the chapter, put things into an end by this you will appreciate how it taught you to start your brand new chapter with a better outcome.

Heavenly Heart – Your Expertise Grown From here
With the Heavenly Heart star this is where you establish your profession with deep understanding with real experience to prepare you for a higher role/responsibilities (the bigger problem you solved, the more you get paid). With all the sign you received, you shall start to know how to differentiate and analyze the circumstances. Stop ignoring these sign as the further you delay, the more hidden issue to be further aggravated. Learn how to detach away from the problem and analyze the field with logic (not emotion).

9 Earth Spirit

9 Earth Spirit here increases your power of observation over current situation. Your desire to connect with others to build a solid foundation together, however if you realized the current situation no longer work you may have to learn how to let go the old plot of land to build a new kingdom else where. Just don’t forget to maximise your past resources, stop hoarding too much!

Greediness Lead to Splitting Boat

The Room Constellation brings the external influence of split due to greediness, the situation around you may further aggravated due to greediness where everyone will split the boat to craft their own ship.


This is a crucial year for you to be aware of your surrounding, your environment, what is going on and how you manage your circumstances will determine the outcome of your game.

With the Hexagram 12 – Stagnation transforming into Hexagram 20 – Observation you have to be fully conscious and aware with what happening around you, don’t let the invisible force around you pulling you away from the initial trajectory. If things no longer work you need to to immediate your decision making, especially for those long dangling issue which has been haunting you, dragging you, holding you back from being able to create your desired destiny.

For those who born with the Monkey Zodiac and your Qi Men Destiny Palace in East then you have to be on the go to learn how to embrace your brand new change to build your new empire.

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