Bazi Consultation

Discover & Maximise Your True Potential

You have more than what you think you know, discover your inborn talents, skills, opportunities and your overall theme of life so you can start to redesign your life with more clarity.

Discover & Gain Your Unfair Advantages

Through the perspective of  Chinese Metaphysics you will discover the answer and solutions to help you get unstuck, and clarity in term of;

Business or Career

Discover your best role, talents, modes of operation and your maximum potential.

SWOT Analysis

Discover your inborn Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats and Life Lesson & get UNSTUCK!

Personal Growth

Discover your character, life lesson, potential limited belief, what's holding you from performing at your best, & guides to redesign your life.

Current Theme Of Life

What are the life lesson, opportunities and what you need to pay attention and craft your own planner.

Jonath Lee in QiMen Club


I would use various methodologies with a combination of Chinese Metaphysics such as;

This is your life specification specs, discover your strength, your advantage, skillset, opportunities, decade theme of life, annual events, and etc. In a nutshell this is your life manual + specification.

This is where we would attempt to forecast your current question in mind from career, relationship, decision making and chart out strategies & tactics.

This is the Earth realm where we try to tap onto environmental energy to gain additional boost to the respective activities.

I would combine various methodology which I deem suitable for you based on Mindvalley’s Evercoach Methodology.

Each Consultation Comes With Visual Report To Guide Your Understanding

My style of coaching and consult comes with visual report to help you gain better understanding and reminder, to connect both your logic and imagination mind. Save this guide in your phone so you can refer to anytime.

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Consult & Coaching

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