2024 Flying Star Feng Shui

2024 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart
2024 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart

Shift your Growth Habit with 2024 Flying Star Feng Shui with the annual 2024 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart, craft your atomic habit through your environment, the workspace to set your new growth habit.

2024 Flying Star Feng Shui House Setup

#2024fengshui #2024chinesezodiac #fengshui In this video I'm going to talk about advanced 2024 Flying Star Feng Shui setup, cures and more application and us…

2024 Flying Star Feng Shui Chart

2024 Flying Star Chart
2024 Flying Star Chart

Flying Star 3 in Center Sector

Star 3 conventionally known as the dispute, offending, legal issue, rebellious and aggressiveness. Basically the star 3 brings you active energy to fight, take action, make things happen but there are tendency of going against the rules and compliancy issue. But since the star is locked in the center palace, generally it won’t be easily activate and need to keep it harmonize all time.

Guide for Center Palace in house for 2024

Avoid putting any water-based plant in this sector. You can consider to place pink, red, green colored item to weaken this energy. Other item can be places is Salt Lamp.

Flying Star 4 in Northwest Palace

The star 4 is the Literary Art star which boost your learning, research, development, innovation skills, upgrade your existing skillset or attain higher certification. This is highly recommended for those especially for Rat, Pig and Snake zodiac sign, you shall strategize to use this sector to increase your learning capability.

Secondly the Flying Star 4 Jade is forming combo 10 with the 6 Qian Gua in Northwest sector which increase opportunity to attract learning, organizing study club, group learning together to initiate new projects together. This is highly beneficial for those who are born with the Life Gua 6.

Gain new knowledge and establish your brand new leadership, new change, creating something new. Nothing is more important than investing into knowledge, to upgrade yourself to especially in time nowadays. Everything we want in life starts from learning, therefore beside learning hard-skill, soft-skill learning are equally important.

Feng Shui Setup for Northwest sector in 2024

You may consider to setup the Northwest with books, academic achievements, quotes, drawing or writing equipment, study desk setup and also schedule a minimum of 30-45 minutes studying, reading books or etc. activities in this sector upon waking up or before go to bed. This is to reduce the impact of blue-light effect on eyes which can affect your sleep quality. You can even put 4pcs of Bamboo Plant in this sector to boost your learning ability. Avoid placing red colored item, no fire, stove item.

Flying Star 5 in the West sector

As the star 5 were known as the calamity, disastrous, mishap or the accident energy. When the Star 5 (earth element) went to the West sector (metal element), the Star 5 will slowly exude it’s influence to affect happiness, disputes, legal battle, but at the same time the star 5 will deplete it’s own energy which weaken itself. But still it is not recommended to activate it.

However we still need to avoid using this sector and no renovation in this sector especially for those who have zodiac such as Rabbit, Horse, Monkey. This is since they are surrounded with low immunity and higher health risk this year, and for those who’s elderly family members who are still staying together, do not activate this sector at all cost.

Avoid placing any red, purple, orange colored item in this sector. You may consider white, silver, grey colored item instead.

Feng Shui Cures for West sector in 2024

You can place item such as metal gourd, 6 pieces of pure metal dumb-bell, pewter with 6 leader statues to weaken this energy or you can consider to put salt water cure with a proper date selection. Another method is to put grey-colored carpet with 6 pieces of ancient Chinese coins underneath the carpet. And lastly you can put a mechanical(gear driven, non electric powered) and play the metal music box daily to weaken the energy.

Flying Star 6 in the Northeast Sector

Flying Star 6 being a metal element landed in earth element palace receive production cycle energy, this will further boost this star. This is one of the best sector for you to setup your work space here & face a good energy direction especially for those corporate ladder climber, build trust, stability, tap onto this energy to boost your personal professional self and don’t forget to setup and update your Linkedin profile as well.

Star 6 landed in Gen Palace will also bring promotion luck, build financial success, highly recommended for those who are in business development, financial management, leadership role.


You can select a good date to put 6 white pebbles to increase this sector’s energy on a good date. You can position Yellow, Beige, or any Earthly colored item in this sector. Or you can place 4 pieces of Feng Shui Bamboo plant.Avoid Red, Pink colored item or fire related item in this sector.

Flying Star 7 in the South sector

This is one of the discord, talkative, quarrel, and potential theft, robbery, bad romance, flirtatious, getting drunk. If you house’ main door is situated in this sector then please be extra careful in protecting your asset and belonging.

However the good way we can use this sector to improve your communication in case you have some miscommunication, stagnation, cold in relationship well perhaps you can positively active this star to gain courage to speak your heart out. But becareful as this star may also causes one to be consuming loads of alcohol and partying.

Use this to prep your Pitching, Presentation, Sales, Speech, Ted-Talk, Sharing and etc.

Zodiac which need to avoid negatively activate this sector;

  1. Rat
  2. Ox
  3. Snake
  4. Monkey
  5. Dog

Overall avoid any renovation or sitting facing the North direction in this South Sector for 2024. Best to remove any sharp metal item like knife, blade, scissors.


For those who are have the Rat, Dragon, Goat & Monkey zodiac, be more mindful when speak as you may be easily triggered into argument which could lead to financial or opportunities being robbed away.

For symbolic Feng Shui, you can get a squared-shaped porcelain plate, place 8 pcs of white pebble, and pour some water inside to reduce the impact.

Or if you have the Dragon Tortoise statue, you can put facing outside in the South sector to reduce wealth leak.

Flying Star 8 in North Sector

The Flying Star 8 landed in the North palace mean it is in a compelled state, indicating a need to exert extra effort and stay busy resolving work-related matters. This star, also known as the wealth star, brings opportunity to increased workload and attracts more tasks. It is particularly beneficial for those engaged in side gigs, freelance work, or self-employment where a heavier workload is required. However, it is not advisable for employees or housewife as it may result in being busier without any increase in salary or additional gain.

Despite some claims that Star 8 is losing its influence in Period 9, its energy will still be present, although the emphasis on hard work which can be draining and align with current period luck where people are seeking for fast way to earn money, take short cut. However if your work required higher load then this is the sector to setup your work desk, workshop, workstation.

Consciously use this sector to make more sales, turn ideas into monetization. If you can chain the sector to boost your new campaign.


You can place your Treasure Chest, Treasure Bowl, Money Pot in this sector but you need to align it to face your own wealth direction and may consider to tune it according to your hexagram.

Flying Star 9 in Southwest Sector

This star denote happy event, good tiding, celebrations, promotion, attracting abundance, and also one of the best sector for those who do investment. This is where you will gain positive vibes and insights in your investment. This is a good sector to be used in improving your brand or rebranding activities to kick-start a brand new energy.

For career professionals this will boost and increase chances of good tiding, getting promotion, build short term monetary gain. This star also support in search for new ideas, inspiration to create social media and marketing content.

For relationship, marriage, conceiving baby, this sector could also boost the overall energy, best to have door.


Peach Blossom : For those who are feeling stuck, going nowhere, seeking for direction or other similar situation may try to put 9 pcs of dried flower in this sector to boost your energy to be easily make a move forward, spark your passion and rediscover your path.

Flying Star 1 in East Sector

This is one of our favorite star denote wisdom, knowledge, abundance, intelligence, & seeking for nobleman help. You can consciously use this sector to craft your plan, analyze your circumstances, derive solutions, find resources, and brings everything together, finding the right people, connection to help you in kickstart your brand new project.

If you have the main door or main entrance in this sector then this will increase your opportunity to find helpful nobleman. Avoid placing Dragon, Phoenix or Rooster status in this sector due to clash and harm with the Rabbit zodiac energy.

For setup usages, you can use this as receptionist, working space, or performing activities such as discussion, meeting, light gathering, focused more towards discussing ideas and find help.


To boost likability, attraction, Peach Blossom attraction, you can place 3 pieces of fresh flower or any water plant in this sector to boost attraction and likability, good for Public Relation, sales, KOL, influencer. Do not put any fake flower.

Flying Star 2 in Southeast Sector

Finally the illness star 2, or mishap star we call it may easily bring illnesses. For those zodiac such as Rabbit, Horse, Ox, & Monkey zodiac, please avoid activating, staying or sleeping in this sector. Keep this sector clean especially during spring cleaning as per suggested here and leave it quietly. If you are staying here, it would be advisable to go for medical checkup, prioritize prevention than cure.

For business or work, you can use this to perform accumulation or enrollment related activities using this sector. Attain more asset, items, or etc. As the Dragon zodiac is also located in this Southeast sector thus it is best not to perform any renovation or ground breaking. Therefore please check out this sector to ensure if you need to repair or fix anything here, get it done before February 4, 2024 onwards.

Feng Shui Cures in 2024

You can place item such as Bronze metal gourd, 6 pieces of pure metal dumb-bell on the floor, weaken this energy with a proper date selection, salt-water cure or use the Flying Star Combo 10 to merge the energy combination. Avoid Red, Warm, Orange colored item here.

Summary of 2024 Flying Star Feng Shui

Overall in 2024 Flying Star Feng Shui which start with the Flying Star 3 Red star in center, there are more argument, disputes, inability to get in term and more drama in term of verbal tone. Period 9 Feng Shui which will officially begin this year. This is a crucial period for everyone to learn, understand, adapt ourselves towards this brand new period of fire luck which brings massive different opportunities.

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