2024 Feng Shui Tips & Guides

2024 Feng Shui Chart
2024 Feng Shui Chart

2024 Feng Shui Tips & Guides on Affliction Sectors which are crucial prior applying your 2024 Flying Star Feng Shui cures and setup directions with FREE 2024 Feng Shui Luo Pan compass download.


As you may know Chinese New Year 2024 falls on February 10, 2024 but the actual astrology energy come into influence starting on February 4, 2024. So you still have months to prep for your annual Feng Shui energy setup.
2024 Feng Shui Setup Affliction & Auspicious Sectors

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2024 Feng Shui Affliction Sectors

Before you jump into activating the good sectors, we must first be aware and know which are the bad sectors to avoid as shown in this 2024 Feng Shui Affliction Sectors. Sometime by avoiding the negative sectors is the first step in gaining a smoother momentum for your year.

Feng Shui 2024 affliction sectors

SE1 (Dragon) : Grand-Duke (GD)

Being the Grand-duke, this sector shall remain untouched, no renovation, no major changes. This is due to the main star of Jupiter which emitting the strongest and aggressive energy, if negatively activated this sector it can trigger massive active energy where one can be aggressive, act hastily and highly energetic which subsequently lead towards disruption.

E2 (Rabbit) : Duke Harm

Rabbit and Dragon forms the Harm interaction which causes unmet expectation, being used or taken advantage of or troubled relationship.

NW1 (Dog) : Clashing Grand-duke

The Dog sector in NW1 in this year will be the clashing Grand-Duke (Chung Tai Sui). It is not advisable to sleep, work, or activate this sector to prevent unexpected disruption and wealth losses.

SW3 (Monkey) : Three Stages

The Monkey sector normally didn’t have much issue, some would love to activate the Three Harmony however due to the excessive amount of negative stars related to legal, legislation, rules and regulation, it is not recommend to activate without having clear clarity on how to manage these issue. However if your business revolved around tax, accounting, legal, judiciary related then this sector can be beneficial.

2024 Feng Shui Three Killing Sectors

Sitting Sha and Year Sha (SH & YS)

2024 Feng Shui three killing sectors

Areas from SE3, S1, S2, S3 and SW1 will be affected by the Three-Killing which is one of the major Sha Qi area. Avoid sitting in these sector while looking towards the North direction, as this is what we call the direct clashing the annual sha.

Flying Star Negative Sector

2024 Feng Shui Bad Sectors

West Sector

Overall the entire West sector were influenced by the Flying Star 5 which is one of the calamity sector where you should keep this sector peacefully without invoking the energy.

Southeast sector

Flying Star 2 Black, the illness star is covering the entire Southeast sector. Despite the illness star were being suppressed in this sector, I would advice not to trigger or sleep in this sector especially for the elderly, those who already fallen ill and anyone who are low in immunity.

Anyone who have the zodiac such as Rabbit, Horse, Dog and even Ox may need to pay attention to these two sectors.

2024 Auspicious Feng Shui Sectors

2024 Feng Shui Auspicious Sectors

NW3 (Pig) sector with Dragon Virtue

Dragon Virtue is one of the most powerful and highly beneficial to activate to gain additional powerful support and dissipate most of the negative infuence.

NE1 (Ox) sector with Fortune Virtue

One of the best star to attract abundant of opportunities, plus with Flying Star 6 this bring support to become the expert, establishing authority and leadership.

NE3 (Tiger) sector with Sky Horse

For those who wanted to go for travel, retreat, holiday, this is the sector for you to activate to gain more opportunity to travel and broaden your mind.

E1 (Jia) sector with Duke Virtue

This year is Wood Dragon or Jia Chen, the Jia Yang Wood stem is on holding the Grand-duke’s power and virtues. This is one of the sector increase positive blessing when you needed.

SE3 (Snake) sector with The Sun

The Sun Nobleman the best and magnanimous Nobleman sector to activate to gain support to materialize your dream project. This star would also amplify other positive stars.

SW1 (Goat) sector with The Moon

The Moon noble is another helpful noble person who would lend you a helping hand or support you indirectly, this star mainly known to have attract female nobleman who would support or assist you behind the scene. Therefore you need to be willing to ask around for guides and direction, let more people know what you’re seeking for and who knows, by activating this sector would bring you secret help.

W3 (Rooster) sector with Peach Blossom

This is one of the best likability star to enhance your personal attraction to increase more opportunity by growing your target audience and widen your network.

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