Monkey Zodiac in 2024

monkey zodiac in 2024
monkey zodiac in 2024

Monkey Zodiac in 2024 – Overview

The Monkey zodiac in 2024 will be dealing with loads if issue from legal, regulatory, penalties to judiciary related. However there are still plenty amount of powerful networking opportunity you need to prioritize and ensure they are on top of your to do list this year.

2024 Chinese Zodiac : Monkey [SUB]

The Monkey zodiac in 2024 will be dealing with loads if issue from legal, regulatory, penalties to judiciary related. However there are still plenty amount o…

Career & Business For Monkey Zodiac in 2024

Monkey horoscope in 2024

When it comes to career & business aspect for Monkey zodiac in 2024, there loads of powerful network and alliance building opportunity this year. First of all you have the Three Stages star which boost your reputation, fame, popularity and increase your chance of being promoted as you laying down solid foundation in solidify your career or business foundation, mastering each step brings you higher credibility.

This is followed with the Three Harmony combination formed together with the Grand-duke of the year 2024 Dragon zodiac, and the General Rat Zodiac, this brings you more opportunity to expand and build your network, this year you need to allocate more time than previous years when it comes to networking, go to join events, forums, gathering, social media group or whichever relevant to your industry, share what you do, your expertise, your strength (self-promotion is a must, else no one would know what you can do), this is the way to allow those who are in needs or seeking for your expertise can reach out to you.

However if you are the self proclaimed introvert or social-shy, then the Dragon Pool star can give you a boost supporting you in sharing your knowledge, insights, what are the best practice, what are the latest technology or solutions, this star will also increase the the potential of those who are seeking someone like you to join their projects.

Love & Relationship For Monkey Zodiac in 2024

When it comes to relationships for the Monkey this year your social scene are going to be more happening as there are more opportunity calling you to go out, therefore be willing to allocate more time to expand your networking or even gathering. Because the Monkey zodiac itself love to travel to gain more new experience, therefore why not go together with a group of people who shared the same passion?

Threat for Monkey Zodiac Horoscope in 2024

When it comes to inauspicious stars for the Monkey zodiac horoscope in 2024, most of them are due to legal and compliancy related. First of all the Litigation bring issue related to legal cases and judiciary. Officer Charm and Flying Charm stars are mostly related to penalty, summonses, wrongdoing, compliancy, documentation, submission and mostly dealing with the government, police, banking or even taxation. Year Charm could be bigger issue as it denote going against the policy, compliancy, inability to follow procedural, legal issue which can be serious until affect your progress.

The other star such as the Earth Sha denote problem with environment, from natural disaster to house or office compound have some issue required renovation, repair work. And lastly the Back Poking star denotes there are petty people or haters talking behind your back, poking you, saying nasty things which may eventually activate the Five Ghost which generally mean you would be easily fall into the state of suspicious, lack of trust, easily fall into rumors and self-doubt thinking you are not worthy.

Bazi Guide for Monkey zodiac Horoscope in 2024

Monkey Year

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Monkey Month

Aug 8 – Sep 7

Monkey Hour

3pm until 5pm

Structure of Bazi Chart
Structure of Bazi Chart

Read this guide to learn the 5 Important Things To Know how your Chinese astrology chart work.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Monkey Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Monkey zodiac in Year Pillar

Year Pillar governs your general outlook, friends, and social network, generally the most external aspect in your life. This year you have more opportunity to expand and scale up your networking opportunity, meeting powerful and influential group of people.

Your network are seeking solution towards compliancy, legal and judiciaries related, and this can be your opportunity to share your experience, your connections, and this is also a good time for you to learn something new in regards to compliancy or protocols.

Monkey zodiac in Month Pillar

This govern your career, business, skillset and your ability to create wealth. It is important to prioritize building a strong contingency plan for your work, career or business. This year the Monkey may attract potential of collaboration, joint-venture and this may bring new opportunity to you to take on new responsibilities, add on new product or service line or etc. You may need to on the look in dealing with compliancy, legal issue, agreement and all those risk I have mentioned above.

Monkey zodiac in Day Pillar

This pillar govern your personal growth, relationship, spouse or your overall personal growth. Overall this year there will be more opportunity to get active in social scene, for those who are single you may have more opportunity to increase your social activities which broaden your opportunity to get used to meeting people, initiating memorable conversation. For those who are already in a relationship or married there are potential of more opportunity to join your spouse’s networking, do be reminded to maintain appropriate boundaries during these interactions, particularly in professional or business settings, to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

Monkey zodiac in Hour Pillar

This pillar govern your dream, desire, aspiration, investment, children, and staff for business owner. For those who are married you may considering the stage of parenthood, or adopting pets as well. For business owner or team leaders, there are potential of hiring/acquire new talents to join you.

For those who have ideas to kickstart their dream side hustle, this year there are potential for you to meet your partner or dream client where you work collaboratively together, experimenting new ideas and kickstart something astonishing this year.

When it come to investment matter, there are potential you may gain some new insights or investment opportunity from friends.

Overall Summary for the Monkey Zodiac in 2024

This year the Monkey zodiac may seems to have quite a loads of issue with legal, compliancy, rules and regulation related. However this are crucial for you to learn how to play and navigate around the realm of rules and legal matter, learn how to navigate and use these as your advantage.

And if you wanted to discover your own birth-chart to discover what energy you’re born with, your best skillset, how you work, your modus operandi, opportunities or perhaps you wanted to brainstorm and plan your 2024 by taking the advantage of Chinese Astrology system, you can find more information here.

If you want more information such as how to activate those auspicious stars as I’ve mentioned in my guides, you would be interested to join our annual workshop where we will share our detailed analysis, strategy, what to do, Feng Shui setup and various application with Chinese Metaphysics in our HACK MY 2024 Workshop.

HACK MY 2024
HACK MY 2024

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