HACK MY 2024

HACK MY 2024 workshop

HACK MY 2024 is a personal planning LIFE HACKING using various discipline from Chinese Metaphysics to help you gain unfair advantage in hacking your personal growth.

Together with my partner Paulynne Cheng and Sharmaine Ho we have successfully organized our annual Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui workshop on December 2 & 3, 2023. Where in this workshop we turn complex information from Chinese Astrology into simple, practical and straightforward guided manner to help you in crafting your 2024 plan. In this workshop where we will summary and simplify loads of information to help you in taking advantage of various arts of Chinese Metaphysics such as;

  1. Bazi : The Four Pillar of Destiny
  2. Feng Shui : Environment energy
  3. Qi Men Destiny : Strategy based on your subconscious layer in destiny

The workshop has completed on December 3rd and 4th, 2023

And now I am thinking if we should do another round with more unique dates selection, mantra, strategy, divine advices and more stuff. For those who are interested, you may consider to submit your contact information where we will be sending you the first news once we managed to get sufficient feedback and request.


  • Discover your theme for 2024 & what’s has already been given to you
  • Discover your annual theme
  • Discover the dynamics of 2024 and how it affects you specifically
  • Discover your strengths and opportunities
  • Fine tune your plan for 2024
  • Find out what you can maximize
  • How to activate auspicious stars
  • Pull together Bazi, Qi Men Dun Jia & Feng Shui to align
    • HEAVEN : Qi Men Dun Jia
    • EARTH : Feng Shui Energy
    • MAN : Bazi Astrology Chart

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