Pig Zodiac in 2024

Pig zodiac in 2024
Pig zodiac in 2024

Pig Zodiac in 2024 – Overview

The Pig zodiac in 2024 is making a major comeback as the Emperor, with powerful influence backing you up after going through a rough Rabbit year, this is where you rebuild your empire with better insights, experience, empathy and more. Let us discover what are the auspicious and inauspicious stars influencing you in this year of change.

2024 Chinese Zodiac : Pig [SUB]

2024 Chinese Zodiac Forecast for the Dog zodiac, this year you are clashing with Grand-duke Dragon zodiac which brings change where it’s time for you to move…

Career & Business For Pig Zodiac in 2024

Pig horoscope 2024

When it comes to career & business aspect for Pig zodiac in 2024, first of all you have the Emperor Star which give you the power and authority which mean you will be taking the leadership role or perhaps take-over important role which required you to make key-important decision.

Next you have the Dragon Virtue which is one of the most powerful star which resemblance the royal pardon where you are being forgiven for all the trouble or issue caused in the past, forgive and let go past resentment as we need to increase our capacity to create new positive experience in our life. This star can dissipate most of the negative stars and turn negative to the positive blessing. Thus having both this star above combined create the iconic-star combo, therefore you need to do iconic stuff in order to become iconic in your industry this year.

And last you have the Study Hall which is great star for academic, for those who wanted to learn something new, gain intelligence to understand complex subjects, going for examination, application for certain certification or accreditation. Simplify complex information to empower you in making better well-informed decision (after all being the Emperor you need to grasp the foundation of complex information without fully relying on what others’ are proposing due to some of the negative star as highlighted in the Threat section).

Love & Relationship For Pig Zodiac in 2024

When it comes to relationship aspect for the Pig zodiac in 2024, this year you have the ultimate relationship star known as the Red Matchmaker which unite couple or pair made in heaven. Therefore for the singles this is the year for you to go out to increase your chance to discover your potential life partner.

Threat for Pig Zodiac Horoscope in 2024

When it comes to inauspicious stars for the Pig zodiac, first of all you are dragged down by the Death God which bring the effect of depletion due to overwork, causing you lethargic, easily forgetful until you may not be able to take good care other aspects in your life such as relationship, family, children, learning and rejuvenation.

Next is the Heavenly Officer Charm which brings issue relates to legal, documentation, paperwork, approval, application or getting permission to work. This is why you need to activate the Study Hall star to understand what are you getting yourself into prior jump into action without proper knowledge.

To add to further pain the Brutal Defeat star which comes together with the Emperor star denote potential of easily beaten down or feel defeated once in a while, this required you to be more strategic in your overall planning this year, do consider to adopt Qi Men Dun Jia Strategic Planning to increase your success rate.

And finally the Dark Sky which brings spooky encounters such spirit, soul, ghost, feeling the environment are causing you feeling stressed and suppression from external.

Bazi Guide for Pig zodiac Horoscope in 2024

Pig Year

1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

Pig Month

Nov 7 – Dec 6

Pig Hour

9pm until 11pm

Structure of Bazi Chart
Structure of Bazi Chart

Read this guide to learn the 5 Important Things To Know how your Chinese astrology chart work.

Plot your own free Bazi Astrology Chart via Joey Yap’s Bazi Plotter at;

Once you plotted your Bazi Destiny Chart then find where the Pig Zodiac in your chart then refer it to the information as below;

Pig zodiac in Year Pillar

Year Pillar governs your general outlook, friends, and social network, generally the most external aspect in your life. This year, you have the chance to connect with people in higher positions, like high ranking officers, managing directors, and CEOs. For business owner, you may have the opportunity to meet notable figures in your industry, such as industry leaders.

You can learn how to build meaningful relationships and follow up with these individuals. Additionally, you can participate in events alongside iconic and influential people. This year presents an exciting opportunity to expand your network and learn from those who have achieved great success.

Pig zodiac in Month Pillar

This govern your career, business, skillset and your ability to create wealth. It is important to prioritize building a strong contingency plan for your work, career or business. This year, focus on advancing your career or your business by establishing yourself as an authority in your field. Take on iconic projects that showcase your expertise and leadership, leading a new wave of change.

Look for opportunities to change the way things are done with innovative interventions. It’s important to forgive the past and start building impactful and meaningful projects for the future. Embracing this mindset will allow you to make a positive difference and leave a lasting impact in your industry.

Pig zodiac in Day Pillar

This pillar govern your personal growth, relationship, spouse or your overall personal growth. For personal growth aspect, this year you may experience a shift in changing environment, mentality and your inner-drive are exploding with energy to go and pursue what truly matters to you in life.

This year, you may feel a strong urge to pursue an iconic project as part of your personal growth goals. In terms of relationships matter, singles may find a life partner, while those already in relationships may consider taking the next step towards marriage. For married couples, it could be a good time to bring your relationship to a new level by traveling together and setting new relationship goals.

Pig zodiac in Hour Pillar

This pillar govern your dream, desire, aspiration, investment, children, and staff for business owner. This year, as a parent, you may notice that your child is more dominant and driven. It’s important to learn how to support their growth and learning by providing encouragement and guidance. For team leaders, your staff may be more in charge and seeking breakthroughs in their work.

As for personal development, you may experience a shift in your mindset and life direction, wanting to pursue something meaningful for your own self, this could be an exciting opportunity for personal growth and achievement. For those who are pursuing their side-gig/side-hustle, it’s time to focus on scaling your side hustle to new heights, seizing the opportunity for expansion and growth.

Overall Summary for the Pig Zodiac in 2024

This year the Pig zodiac overall feeling the urge to make a major breakthrough after had loads of good food feasting in 2023, in this brand new 2024 it is your time to kickstart all your important dream iconic project and turn your dream into reality.

There are not without learning curve but with the support of Study Hall star, you can activate both your own personal Intelligent sector with this alignment to boost you ability to solve all the past limitation and craft your new breakthrough. After all this is the year you as the Emperor need to take lead and take charge to disrupt the market patterns with new excited projects.

And if you wanted to discover your own birth-chart to discover what energy you’re born with, your best skillset, how you work, your modus operandi, opportunities or perhaps you wanted to brainstorm and plan your 2024 by taking the advantage of Chinese Astrology system, you can find more information here. After all, we all deserved to learn about what energy and opportunity we’re born with.

If you want more information such as how to activate those auspicious stars as I’ve mentioned in my guides, you would be interested to join our annual workshop where we will share our detailed analysis, strategy, what to do, Feng Shui setup and various application with Chinese Metaphysics in our HACK MY 2024 Workshop.

HACK MY 2024
HACK MY 2024

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