Walking The 7 Star Path

Walking the 7 star path
Walking the 7 star path

If you’re a Qi Men Dun Jia student, you may heard one of the ultimate manifestation method known as walking the 7 star path under Fa-QiMen/Fat-Kei-Mun (Spiritual QiMen). Qi Men Dun Jia is an art and I repeat this is an art, it could be very abstract to explain how it works, but in a nutshell Qi Men Dun Jia maps out the universal energy vibration patterns, if used it right you may be able to align yourself with certain energy pattern/formation to gain additional advantage in taking particular actions.

Walking the 7 Star path is one of the method under Spiritual Qi Men where you can align yourself towards certain formation charted either in month, day or even hour to connect with the universal energy where you can make some wishes to manifest for a certain outcome. However I realized most peers or students didn’t aware about what’s going on and what could actually happen, how much do they aware with the potential repercussion or consequences.

The Contract

Walking the 7 Star Path is basically signing a contract with the universe, have you ever sign any contract in your life?

Walking the 7 star path is basically signing a contract with the universe, by committing into something to gain certain outcome you wished for. However most peers didn’t aware that they have to state down the terms clearly, what they need to give in order to gain as per Law of Equivalent Exchange. You can’t be wishing for a fit and healthy body by just doing few push-ups a day right?

Signing a contract is easy, but did you specify and agree with the terms and conditions?
Signing a contract is easy, but did you specify and agree with the terms and conditions?

You need to be aware that a contract has never been just a few line, you have to be specific in defining what you want, how you want it, and what will you be willing give in order to get it. Therefore, prior making any contract you shall first define and state down clearly the terms and conditions rather than leaving it to the universe. Most of them walked the path and successfully get what they wished for but also went into some trouble later on, and the worst thing is there’s no easy way to undo the wish therefore be very clear and craft your contract prior walking the path.

You can’t wish for changes onto someone else

And another thing I would like to highlight is that, you can’t sign an agreement behalf of or for someone else. I have a case where a mother have wished to reduce her lifespan so that her child who suffers certain illness would regain a normal healthy life (which is impossible). She walked the start path for few times but her child didn’t get the ideal improvement however she experienced a lot of weird problem from her work and sudden betrayals. When I asked her for the details of the contract, she said she didn’t write down and merely just walk the chart and simply make the wish with no clear statement. Any contract is only signed between you and the universe, remember this.

My Nobleman

I was considered as very lucky to have an affinity with a friend from Taiwan who have experience and knowledge in Taoism practices including Fa Qi Men(Spiritual QiMen). While he was visiting me in my house, he saw one of the Star Path mat, and that lead to his sharing regards on these subject, I was very fortunate to learn such important insight from him prior making my first walk into this path.


Prior walking the 7 Star Path, you shall clearly write down your wish, what you willing to give and for how long in term of duration for all these to take place onto a piece of paper, and makesure you keep that piece of paper properly and don’t lose it, if you’re afraid then please take a photo and stored it in your Evernote or any apps for future reference.

10 thoughts on “Walking The 7 Star Path

    1. Hi Glossy,
      This is a ritual for wish making, basically this is a wish making (a contract with the universe). Thus you have to be very careful in crafting the contract.

  1. Hi, i saw ur conclusion wrote how long in term for duration to take place. Example my health been bad for yrs, i wish for universe to guide me to a doctor that can cure me totally, n i wil fullfill xxxx. So once im fully cure, itz means contract over?

    And if i wish for luck as well, does it means is a seperate contract? Thank u

    1. Hi Leona,
      For these kind of contract, it is depends on how you defined as success and contribution. Thus it could be tricky.
      First you need to diagnose the issue, would it be solve-able by Western Medication or Unconventional Healing like TCM?
      In general, we recommend you to make wish using your 3 Victory days and perform the activities or you can make wish using Month or Hourly Chart (with good formation)
      to seek for the best doctor or healer.

  2. Hi! What does it mean when someone doesn’t have 7star in his chart? It’s missing completely and there’s a triangle shape only. Thank!

  3. What direction are you supposed to set this up? Back to NE walking SW? Or walking SW towards to NE? Thank you!

  4. hola, si mi Luz Divina esta en el NE, en ese dia cuando aparece, uso esa direccion con espalda al NE empezo a caminar el itinerario de las 7 estrellas? para pedir un deseo; para proteccion usao la Bendicion Divina y su direccion y para pedir un deseo relacionado con el poder uso la direccion de la Fuerza divina , de espalda? o me enfrento a esa direccion si estoy andando? Gracias de antemano!

    1. No se recomienda recorrer el camino de las 7 estrellas sin una comprensión profunda de las consecuencias. Aún puedes usar los 3 días de victoria como de costumbre, no es necesario caminar con determinación ni retroceder en el nivel de 7 estrellas.

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