Body Soul Mind and Spirit alignment through meditation

Body Soul Mind and Spirit
Example: Body Soul Mind and Spirit operating and running at different speed

Have ever experienced where some people just don’t understand what you are trying to express your speech, or you perform certain action which in the end you causes you question what drive your action? or you feeling lost and detached away from your life purposes like a wandering soul.

QiMen Body Soul Mind and Spirit

For those who study Qi Men Dun Jia, one of the branch known as QiMen Spiritual cultivation, we’ll look into our life under 4 different realm which is the body, soul, mind and spirit which each operating  at a different level in different pace. Which is why sometime we experience situation as below;

1. Over-reaction

When our body is moving fast than the rest realm, we easily over-reacting with the wrong and undesirable action. Performing certain action emotionally or unconsciously which we normally ended up regret and questioning why would we have done such thing?

2. Missing Packets From Our Thoughts

what I had in mind and what I spoke
What I had in mind vs what came out from my mouth

Sometime our mind move faster than our speech, which could ended up missing packet or incomplete sentences in our daily speech which causes misunderstanding or miscommunication with people around us. This could be due to the situation where our mind move too fast ahead while our mouth can barely catch up the speed.

For example our mind could b running at 90 km/h while our mouth’s max speed is 70 km/h, our mind could have thoughts the complete sentences but by the time our mouth blurted our certain words it may have missed a bunch of important keywords.

3. Wandering Soul

Another part is the wandering soul, as we’re busy rushing our daily life, our body and mind slowly detached away from our soul and spirit which most time causing us feeling lost, no sense of direction in life, and some would eventually pursue the path to rediscover their inner soul and spirit in later time if they managed to be awakened.

Solution : Meditation

Body Soul Mind and Spirit
Meditation is one of the best and free method to realign, reconnect all these 4 realms.

Through meditation we can stopped our physical body from doing nothing (yes, literally the most difficult things to do in our busy life), where our mind stop thinking and replaying our daily life drama, our soul stop wandering around, and lastly we can reconnect with our inner spirit through alpha state meditation, where our brain wave operating at a lowest vibration in between awake and sleep.

In this state of equilibrium is also where we perform our manifestation, reprogram our mind and which eventually leads to creating our reality, where we can instruct how our mind to attract the things we want in creating our reality.

So next time when you feeling stressed up, things were out of alignment, situation went out of control, or any uncomfortable emotion, all you need to do is;

  1. Open any preferred meditation music
    Most people would required music to guide them towards meditation, do whatever makes you comfortable
  2. Sit straight & close your eye
    This is to ensure your entire energy can flow straight through your spine
  3. Take a deep breath for 5 seconds
    Slowly take a deep inhale for 5 seconds until you can feel your energy rise up to the top of your skull
  4. Hold it for 5 seconds
    Let your energy penetrate your entire body to your mind
  5. Slowly exhale for 5 seconds
    Slowly exhale through your mouth at the count of 5 seconds or more
  6. Repeat this process above for 5 times
  7. Focus on breathing & feel your heartbeat
    Focus in the rim of your nose, feel how air pass through and slowly feel your heartbeat
  8. Stay for 3~4 minutes
    Try to stay in that calm state of mind for 3~4 minutes, enjoy that sense of peacefulness
  9. Continue back with your daily activities.


We need to meditate more in order to realign these 4 realms together in order;

  1. Increase our consciousness
  2. Making more conscious decision
  3. Reconnect with our inner subconscious
  4. No longer over-react towards external influence
  5. Clarity and awareness where you can easily detach your emotion away from your reaction
  6. Calm and peace as you have everything under control

QiMen Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit Alignment

Overall I would hope you all would gain better clarity, insights to detach each of these layers with clarity when it comes to studying Qi Men Dun Jia starting with QiMen Spiritual Alignment. By understand how each of these Body Soul Mind and Spirit work, align it and you would gain higher clarity in your daily life.

If you’re still feeling stuck in your process of studying Qi Men Dun Jia especially with Spiritual QiMen or spiritual pursuit, do drop me a message as below as I also provide 1 to 1 coaching, training related to Qi Men Dun Jia.

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