Qi Men Star of Destiny Destructor

Qi Men Star Of Destiny - Destructor
Qi Men Star Of Destiny Destructor

For those who are born with the Qi Men Star of Destiny Destructor under Qi Men Destiny system, then this article will help you in understand deeper more about your own character and traits.

Qi Men Destiny

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here to understand the importance of discovering this layer of your destiny to uncover your spiritual cultivation, your guardian of destiny / guardian angel, your life path and cultivation to connect with your higher self.

Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny
Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny Chart

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Qi Men Star of Destiny

The Qi Men Star of Destiny has the ability to reveal your mindset, thought processes, actions, behavior, and thinking patterns. By grasping this aspect, you can gain a deeper understanding of how you function and identify activities, careers, and roles that align better with your natural energy.

Qi Men Star of Destiny Destructor Star

In Qi Men Star of Destiny Destructor, 天沖星 or in some school known as the Impulse, Disruptor or Breaker Star is one of the most aggressive among the 8 other stars. Origin from the East palace which is also the Zhen Gua (Thunder).


Those who born under this star of Destructor are independent, aggressive, thrill seeker, talkative, outgoing, constantly on high energy state. They seek for freedom to explore the world, constantly crave to learn on how to grow in term of personal development (due to influence of Jia – Yang Wood).

They love to live in fast-paced environment with non-stop flow of excitement, challenges, exploration and constantly driven to solve problem with innovative and unique approach.

Despite they appear to be so aggressive, but deep within they are very supportive, protective and constantly love to motivate people around them to grow with new experience. They are also charitable, kind, benevolent, and tendency to become a philanthropy.


They are very good in disrupting or innovate anything they involved with, from working, lifestyle, hobby or even running their own business, they constantly love to innovate or doing things “differently” which can be good being a disruptor, innovating new way of doing things but can be bad when you’re lack of consistency and unpredictable as well as your action/way of doing things are irreplicable by others (which is bad for operation staff to follow).


Their negative traits often revolve around being aggressive, explosive, impatient, and having the potential to have outbursts when provoked. Sometime, they become so fixated on their goals that they neglect the needs and feelings of others.

They would feel difficulties in following rules, constraint, regulation, outdated system or mechanism or too much limit which can lead them to boredom. They need to be aware that sometime they just want to reinvent the wheel just for the sake of fun and may missed out the importance of deadline or over-all mutual benefit.

They need to refrain from talking too much or participate in spreading gossip or rumors as their tendency to get excited with unique topic can drag them into rumor mongers.


They excel at disrupting or altering the status quo, making them excellent market disruptors and potential giants in their field due to their constant innovation. This makes them ideal entrepreneurs who enjoy challenging established methods with fresh and innovative approaches.

Similar to UBER and AirBnB revolutionizing the travel and accommodation industries respectively, they may begin on a small scale but have the potential to bring significant practical value that empowers more individuals. As a result, this could potentially transform how large traditional corporations operate in the long run.


  • They thrive and excel during crisis (they eat stress as dessert)
  • They are quite competitive, given the competitive atmosphere they have tendency to chase to solve thing fast
  • Love adrenaline rush, this make them feel alive
  • Every problem must have a solution to them
  • Can easily blend into any kind of social settings
  • Hard to follow rules, constraint, restriction
  • May not be a big picture thinker
  • Work best within the operation driven by thrill & excitement
  • Holds the great strength & power of execution
  • Change-maker
  • They are those who defy the odds
  • Love to reinvent the wheel just for fun

They have more than just being a disruptor, if you would like to discover more about your subsconscious layer in your birth chart or Qi Men Destiny including your sexual or intimate pattern, your erogenous zone, sex life, how to understand your life partner’s more in term of intimate life and more. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with me;

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