Qi Men Star of Destiny Grain

Qi Men Star Of Destiny Grain
Qi Men Star Of Destiny Grain

For those who are born with the Qi Men Star of Destiny Grain under Qi Men Destiny system, you are the collector of resources, learn to own proprietary or valuable resources to build your library of value.

Qi Men Destiny

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here to understand the importance of discovering this layer of your destiny to uncover your spiritual cultivation, your guardian of destiny / guardian angel, your life path and cultivation to connect with your higher self.

Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny
Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny Chart

You can plot your Qi Men Destiny chart at : https://qmatools.masteryacademy.com/Account/Login.aspx

Qi Men Star of Destiny

The Qi Men Star of Destiny has the ability to reveal your mindset, thought processes, actions, behavior, and thinking patterns. By grasping this aspect, you can gain a deeper understanding of how you function and identify activities, careers, and roles that align better with your natural energy.

Qi Men Star of Destiny Grain Star

In Qi Men Star of Destiny Grain , 天芮星or in some school known as the Grain, Rice, Problem, or Seed Star may known as the problem or illness when it comes to Qi Men Forecasting or Divination. However when it comes to Qi Men Destiny reading, the Grain star is known as the dormant supporter. This is also the star overseeing the good and bad, yin and yang matters. The one who gathers, understand and appreciate things in life.


Those who born under this star of Grain star are passive, dormant, conservative, but they are dedicated to their work and very loyal in relationship as well as career. They are very perseverant, patience, kind and supportive.

They will have tendency to carefully select friends who they trusted to build different small circle or tribes. They will be dedicated and loyal to support and build meaningful relationship to sustain this group.

Although they can be thrifty at times, they understand the importance of treating themselves to luxurious meals or enjoyable vacations. Occasionally, they indulge in fine dining as a reward. However, it is crucial to be cautious about overspending, especially if their Bazi chart indicates a strong Rob Wealth aspect.

When it comes to love life, Grain star people are one of the most loyal partner you can find. Despite they can be boring, lack of new inspiration or excitement but you can be sure they have high stamina to perform well on bed.


Their unwavering trustworthiness and constant enthusiasm make them highly reliable in all aspects of life. Despite lacking certain skillsets or resources, their patience, perseverance, and commitment ensure great success as these qualities compensate for any shortcomings.

They are given natural instinct when it comes to wealth matters, they can easily grasp the concept of how money come, money go, how to appreciate and treat money as part of energy current flow (current = currency). They are talented in learning anything related to wealth, financial and asset management if activated right or given the right education in early stage.


They dislike uncertainties and risk, they need assurance, detailed plan, schedule and clear goal to operate well. May not handle stress or changes well.

If they don’t frequently take a step back to see the big picture, they are inclined to persist in pursuing meaningless goals, demonstrating their virtue in resolving issues.

Grain star individuals have a tendency to internalize their emotions and keep them hidden, particularly when they feel offended, betrayed, or hurt. Even in the face of significant pain, they have a tendency to suppress their feelings and keep them separate from others. As a result, those who have experienced multiple instances of betrayal, hurt, and disappointment are inclined to retreat and avoid any confrontations, which can pose significant challenges in personal relationships.


When it comes to talent, those who born with Grain star own many businesses, or accumulator of physical assets. They may not be the one who take the front-role, they rather prefer to work behind the stage, observer of things.

  • Dislike to talk about own emotion or feeling
  • Dislike uncertainties, risk or unknown plan
  • Prefer to walk the well-travelled path
  • Would get into anxiety attack if presented with unknown or things which is out of their grasp
  • Rigid, stubborn, hard to change or evolve to new trend or routine
  • Have strong patience and perseverance to success
  • Easily hurt by betrayal and withdrawn easily to protect self from being hurt further
  • Very much attached to material, money, hoarder
  • Can be boring, traditionalist,
  • Dislike pressure or last minutes work change
  • Suitable to be freelancer, nomad,
  • Learn to manage fund, financial matter, asset
  • Holding and accumulating long term value creation asset
  • May not be creative, but resourceful enough to mix and match to form new combination
  • Placid in nature but dangerous if triggered or angered

They have more than just being an accumulator or great supporter role, if you would like to discover more about your subconscious layer in your birth chart or Qi Men Destiny including your sexual or intimate pattern, your erogenous zone, sex life, how to understand your life partner’s more in term of intimate life and more. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with me;

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