Qi Men Star of Destiny Heart

Qi Men Star Of Destiny Heart
Qi Men Star Of Destiny Heart

For those who are born with the Qi Men Star of Destiny Heart under Qi Men Destiny system, they are the deep diver who strive to become specialist, experts, or pioneer in their chosen field.

Qi Men Destiny

Before you get started, you may need to checkout this introduction to Qi Men Destiny here to understand the importance of discovering this layer of your destiny to uncover your spiritual cultivation, your guardian of destiny / guardian angel, your life path and cultivation to connect with your higher self.

Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny
Joey Yap Qi Men Destiny Chart

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Qi Men Star of Destiny

The Qi Men Star of Destiny has the ability to reveal your mindset, thought processes, actions, behavior, and thinking patterns. By grasping this aspect, you can gain a deeper understanding of how you function and identify activities, careers, and roles that align better with your natural energy.

Qi Men Star of Destiny Heart Star

In Qi Men Star of Destiny Heart , 天心星 or in some school known as the Heart, T.Xin star may known as doctor, expert, specialist, leader, pioneer when it comes to Qi Men Forecasting or Divination. However when it comes to Qi Men Destiny reading, the Heart star is known as the deep diver who push the boundary of their expertise.


Those who are born with the Heart star crave for freedom and excitement in their lives. These individuals are known for their adventurous spirit and love to explore the unknown. Always on the lookout for new and latest experiences, they never shy away from enjoying life to the fullest.

Beneath their daring exterior lies a caring nature that extends towards those they hold dear. However, these rebels at heart despise being controlled and can exhibit a sarcastic and biting sense of humor. They are also known for their brutal honesty, which may catch others off guard at times (it can be painful to hear the truth from them, but it is true in someway you need to face).

Nevertheless, these individuals remain trustworthy and likable, drawing people towards them effortlessly. Their only flaw lies in their impatience; if things don’t progress quickly enough, they have no qualms about abandoning ship in search of something more fast-paced.


They are the big picture thinker and visionary, always seeking to fight for noble and meaningful causes. They possess a unique blend of emotional intelligence and rationality, allowing them to approach situations with logic and reason.

Their innovative and original thinking style makes them an exceptional problem-solver, constantly finding new solutions to challenges. With their natural healing abilities, they excel in fields such as medicine, serving as doctors, surgeons, or specialists.

This individual thrives when pursuing profound interests, constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge. They are a strong pioneer, known for their innovative and inventive nature.


They exhibits a tendency towards easily succumbing to boredom, necessitating constant stimulation and immediate gratification. Their impatience manifests as an unwillingness to persist with projects or pursuits that fail to yield prompt results. Rather than persevering, they readily abandon such endeavors for more exciting prospects.

Consequently, their reliability may be called into question. Furthermore, they possess an aversion to conforming to fixated structures or routines, preferring a more flexible approach. Although they excel at envisioning the big picture, their focus on this broader view may cause them to overlook important details along the way.

When it comes to describing their emotions, they are not only reserved but also remarkably inexpressive. Their face remains blank and unreadable, making it challenging to decipher what they truly feel.


  • Independent, caring, compassionate, altruistic
  • Crave for freedom, adventure, explorer
  • Rebel at heart, optimistic
  • Sensitive to others, supportive
  • Big picture thinker, visionary,
  • Fight for noble and meaningful causes
  • Emotionally intelligent, rational & logic thinker
  • Too nice till unknowingly being used
  • May not be a good team player
  • Hard to comply to rules & regulation
  • Going against superior, authority
  • Impatience, easily bored & abandoning boredom
  • Unreliable, impatience, crave for new stimulation
  • Inexpressive, manage emotionally well
  • Communicative, humor, sarcastic, realistically painful
  • Innovative, original thinker, problem-solver
  • Natural healer, doctors, surgeon, expert, specialist
  • Thrive with profound interest
  • Strong pioneer, innovative & inventive
  • Need to be different, outstanding
  • Need efficiency, operator, to work well
  • Need to be part of higher or elite social group

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