The Most Important Layer of Your Life

Re-discover and re-design your life with what you were given and maximize your growth with clarity.

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Personal Profiling

Discover the most important missing layer of your life, your potential, hidden skills, ability to re-design your brand new self.

Your Personal Profilling could reveal more details of your life journey, take it like a manual of how you operates in life, and your potential in your life journey.

This the normally the basic layer we have to discover in our life, from your potential or hidden talent, opportunities and what could be obstruction or challenges in life.

The Missing Layer of Your Life

Discover the crucial layer of your life through the lens of Metaphysics Science to gain clearer insights into your own self. Most of us spends years going through experiences to discover who we are, what we like, and what we dislike.

Start optimizing the time in your life with better clarity by understand you in a big picture view, speed up your self discovery and start designing your own ideal life.

personal profiling


Your Foundation


Your Energy Map


Each package above includes a 1 hour consultation to help to gain understanding on discovering yourself through this profiling. It may be conducted through Zoom or any video call.

This profiling is designed to straight answer you things you need to know, it’s even suggesting what potential changes, advice, opinion to help you make better decision in life and what could potentially screw you upside down.

Discover your inborn ability and how you design and strategize yourself towards achieving your life goal.


Each profiling package includes a 7 days question and answering to help you gain better understand with your profile.

All question will be asked and reply through email / WhastApp for your record so you won’t easily missed it.

About Jonath Lee

I am Jonath Lee, an Award Winning Designer who turned into a passionate Life Coach and Chinese Metaphysics Consultant who’s in the mission of helping people to re-discover and re-design their ideal life.

After going through a major turning point in life, I discovered how crucial this layer of information impacts one’s personal development. But no school or organization actually help one’s in discovering their inner self talent, behaviour and attitude.

With Personal Profiling I hope this would allow more people to gain clarity of themselves and start designing a better life by understand their given nature, skills, ability, and making better life decision impacting your own life as well as people around you.

Jonath Lee - RenerQi


It’s all started back in 2017 after I went through a huge depression where I lost my relationship, career and financial stability. I felt like the whole world against me and to make matter worst I was being dragged into some legal case.

That moment drawn me to question everything bout life and subsequently lead me to surrender my life by becoming a monk. to pursue spiritual pursuit in hope to re-discover my life. While coincidentally I stumble with Joey Yap’s QiMen Academy and Mindvalley where both helped me to re-discover my life purpose. During this process I discovered various method in discovery one’s life in different spectrum.

During this process I discover my life through various formula and developed my own framework to gain better clarity of my life, from what I was born with, my SWOT analysis, and what actually happened to me and how my life could turned upside down and everything suddenly became so clear.

From that moment I realized how crucial this layer of missing puzzle in everyone’s life, by gaining better understand regards to your own inner-self to how you react to the world outside would highly affect your entire destiny.

This is one of the biggest turning point in my life, and I have decided to create something to help humanity to discover what kind of energy they were born with and how they can improve their life by making better decision in life.

And this is through Personal Profiling, I will assist you in discovering your life and how you can start taking the next right action in improving your life by gaining clarity and awareness to how your life