Mastering 5 Elements


4th & 5th 2022 | 8pm - 10pm

CLIMB 101 – Mastering the 5 elements, the foundation of Chinese Metaphysics through CLIMB 101. Discover how you can navigate and manage you & people around you, creating a better and understandable environment by managing people around you;

Instantly profile your client, friends, family on their

By understanding the foundation of 5 elements, you will discover the energy pattern lies within people around you, discover their;

Modus Operandi

Modes of Operation

Mission & Objective

Importance of 5 Elements

Most of us who studies the 5 elements mostly just understand the concept of the interaction from producing, weakening and countering, but these are just merely scratching the surface if you didn’t understand;

  • How energy flow
  • Strategic Execution
  • Effects from energy flow
  • How it influence you & others
  • Foundation of all Chinese Metaphysics


M.O. of Your Own Personality

  • Own energy pattern & tendency
  • Forecast changes
  • SWOT analysis
  • Your job & career

M.O. of People Around You

  • Improve relationships
  • Types of friend
  • Team synergy
  • How to work in a team

Strategic Execution

Once you discovered all the above, it is time to find out how the energy flow, how to strategically execute your problem solving from;

  • Diagnose condition
  • Solution to execution
  • Navigate circumstances
  • Smoothen your relationship
  • Build a stronger supporting team
  • Planning your organization & group

Who is this for?

Curious / Enthusiast / Advanced / Mastery

  • Emotional impact with 5 elements
  • Sharpen your mind on 5 elements
  • Revise and refresh your foundation of 5 elements
  • Different perspective in navigation with 5 elements
  • Become the user of 5 elements rather than just knowing

What Will You Gain

Gain deep dive in learning 5 elements together

  • Enhance your understanding on 5 elements
  • Mastering the foundation of 5 elements
  • Better understanding on 5 elements
  • Beautifully Designed Cheatsheet
  • Fun & crazy learning experience
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