Monthly Bazi Forecast For April 2024

Monthly Bazi Forecast April 2024
Monthly Bazi Forecast April 2024

Monthly Bazi Forecast For April 2024

For the monthly Bazi forecast for April 2024, discover your Bazi Daymaster forecast, opportunity, theme and more detail. In Chinese zodiac calendar system, the Rabbit month will begin on April 4th to May 4th, and this month is the Earth Dragon (Wu Chen 戊辰) month.

Monthly Bazi Forecast April
Monthly Bazi Forecast April 2024

First thing you all notice in this month’s Bazi chart there are dominated by the earth element, and secondly the Wood specifically the Jia wood which forms the 7-Killing and followed by the Yang Metal which is the Output or Eating God specifically. The weakest element is the wealth element which is the Water is all hidden underneath.

  • Normally when there are too much earth element, this brings strong energy of stagnation, immovability, which mean more people are observing and tend to play safe to maintain harmony on the external
  • However due to the earthly branches are forming Self-Punishment(Year and Month) which brings hidden movement underneath where this increases the risk of earthquake, seismic activities or ground movement,
  • There will be more doubt and emotional related sentiment in the external factors, more oppositional clash and disagreement despite everyone looks friendly on the surface
  • More external(society, public, network) is trying to clash and break the current harmonious relationship, sparking more confrontation
  • Double Dragon (Month and Year) were clashing the Day pillar brings external self-sabotage clashing the people and this may create uproar, fear of resource depleting or further price increment of goods
  • More and more hidden issue unleashed or leaked out
  • Everyone are heading towards re-innovating themselves to get out of the stability
  • Those who crave for security, play the game safely, may easily left out
  • With double Death & Emptiness in the Year and Month Pillar, brings lack of stability and security
  • Wealth is still weak, more people crave for saving and being more cautious with their spending choices
  • Monkey forms partial of the Three Harmony with Dragon increase the water element, however partnership or alliance in this month are way too fragile, unpredictable and unreliable, thus everyone need to keep their promise & deliverables in-check

Monthly Bazi Forecast For All 10 Daymasters

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Then follow the free guideline here to discover who YOU are and how to gain better insights from the guide below;

Jia Daymaster

Jia : Yang Wood in April 2024

This will be your pure Indirect Wealth month which brings more opportunity to monetize on top of the weakness or volatility over the market offerings. Keep expand your connection to reach out to the market and audience, find out their current pain point, where they are not being supported(or left out), gather their pain point and then formulate your new solution to cater this market gap.

This month required Jia wood person to be more pro-active to seek out any market gap unattended, be fast to derive a new solution to take advantage of the market sentiment before it cools down.

Bazi Message : When discord reigns, look beyond the noise and see the path to new beginnings and growth.

Yi Daymaster

Yi: Yin Wood in April 2024

This will be your pure Direct Wealth month which prompt you to be more cautious in maintaining and protecting your wealth, deliverables and securing your capital or resources this month.

Be reminded this is your Rob Wealth on Direct Wealth year which required you to flex your connection, keep seeking for news, insights, hints from your network and keep yourself by staying ahead of the game.

Bazi Message : Critics may point out flaws, but they also offer a roadmap to strengthening your security measures and ensuring a solid foundation.

Bing Daymaster

Bing: Yang Fire in April 2024

This will be your pure Eating God month in the year of Indirect Resource over Eating God which mean this is the month to get your new creation to go out and test the market. When the market are going dim, this is where your new insights, creation, offering can shed some new light to help others in consuming the right resource in hope to dissipate their inner fear and help increase the resiliency in others.

Else above suggestion doesn’t resonance with you then perhaps spend this month by going for food hunt, travel, play, and recreational learning to enrich your life experience.

Bazi Message : The true test of leadership is not during sunny days but in the midst of a dim market, where your presence as a solution provider can make all the difference.

Ding: Yin Fire in April 2024

This will be your pure Hurting Officer month under the theme of Direct Resource over Hurting Officer, which for business owners, entrepreneurs this is the month to do your marketing, public relationship, marketing, presenting new ideas from what you have learnt so far and which part of them are crucial for to help pacify the fear sentiment in the market.

For career professionals this is the month for you to showcase or present your upcoming goal, direction, where are you heading to and what new excitement you’re bring to the company.

Bazi Message : Don’t wait until you feel ready to share your knowledge – the best time to teach is always now.

Wu Daymaster

Wu : Yang Earth in April 2024

This will be your Friend star month under the year of 7-Killing over Friend star year, which mean you may feel a little stuck here, start ponder and ask yourself life’s matter question such as what if I don’t do this now, what are the regret if I die yesterday? What are things that truly matters to you and others NOW?

When there are too many mountain surrounding you, you may feel seeing too many familiar faces may make you feel overwhelmed and lead to self-doubt. But don’t let this mindset hold you back because this month prompt you to start breaking down your own comfort zone, when mountain collides, this is where all your treasure(hidden stems) will see the light. This is the month of finding like-minded peers to clash, collide, grinding each other to either shape yourself or to break your stubbornness to look into the real treasure you already have.

Bazi Message : Don’t fear the collisions in life; they are the necessary earthquakes that shake loose the brilliance waiting to be discovered within you.

Ji Daymaster

Ji : Yin Earth in April 2024

This will be your pure Rob Wealth month under the year of Direct Officer over Rob Wealth, means this month is the time to test out how resourceful you are in seeking out way to discover the skills, abilities in other people.

Seeking for shortcuts by leveraging other people’s resources or talent can save time and effort, increase efficiency, and expose you to new methods. However, shortcuts may lead to lower quality results and hinder learning. Utilizing others’ skills can leverage expertise, increase productivity, and allow focus on strengths. Yet, it may result in a loss of control, unforeseen circumstances or potential of back-fire such as over-dependency, and communication challenges.

Therefore finding the balance is key, evaluate overall cost-benefit, invest in learning, develop collaborations, and maintain responsibility are crucial as this is your Direct Officer year.

Bazi Message : In a world full of options and opportunities, it’s wisdom that allows us to discern between what is truly valuable and what is simply alluring.

Geng Daymaster

Geng : Yang Metal in April 2024

This will be your Indirect Resource month under the Indirect Wealth on Indirect Resource year which prompt you to take a step back to focus on reviewing the effectiveness of your previous month’s activities. Take the opportunity to review and enhance your upcoming battle plan with your real world on-ground experience.

Take the opportunity to further observe the behavior of your target market(your wealth opportunity), go down to the field to keep communicate and gain more insights to understand what other problem they are experiencing currently? Are they feeling drained, burnt out, depressed and highly emotional? Time to conceal your sword and help others through communication, in this way you’ll discover some battle are best won without drawing your sword.

Take this opportunity to go down to the root level, learn to understand the motivation, intention of your target audience.

Bazi Message : The most powerful battles are fought and won within oneself, where full attention and inner resolve serve as the ultimate tools for triumph.

Xin Daymaster

Xin : Yin Metal in April 2024

This is your Direct Resource month under Direct Wealth over Direct Resource year, which mean this is a all about polishing any imperfection in you. Being aware of self capacity, improve own weakness, turning your threat into opportunity is where you need to learn and improve this month.

With so many clashes happening in this month, you better polish your imperfection while you still have time. Take this opportunity to learn how to improve your strategy to be more efficient in maintaining your wealth opportunity, fill up any gap for it may be leaking away from your grasp. Once the clash happens, this is where you will shine.

Therefore it is the good month to focus on upgrade yourself, increase your own features and abilities, once the market is going through the clash, this is where you need to show up and be noticed.

Bazi Message : In the grand scheme of things, our flaws only serve to enhance our unique beauty. Embrace your journey of self-improvement, for it will lead you to your moment to shine.

Ren Daymaster

Ren : Yang Water in April 2024

This is your 7-Killing star month under your Eating God over 7-Killing year which brings prompt you to be aware that some blockage exists to remind you that is not the way to go, at the same time some blockage’s was designed to control how you flow. Just like how the Panama Canal was designed to use the force of water(hydraulic concept) to control the gate in order to transport ship to across the ocean.

Therefore, this month need you to stay composed, stay calm to discover how you can turn use these blockages you’re facing this month into your advantages. Your annual Eating God (creative star) tells you to learn how to turn obstacles into advantages and you can be rewarded pretty well this month.

Bazi Message : Embrace the disruptive nature of water in your life, using its power to cleanse away doubts and empower your inner strength to create wonders.

Gui Daymaster

Gui : Yin Water in April 2024

This is your Direct Officer month under your Hurting Officer over Direct Officer year, which brings you opportunity to gain some boost in term of financial, career, or even business’ wealth luck.

When hindrance keep pushing you back, stay calm and remain steady to be opportunistic to grab any resources which can be useful in later stage of this month. Sometime we can’t get rid of all obstacles or challenges, but we can find out what resources they may have, confuse them and make them complacent so you can grab these resources.

Bazi Message : Confuse the guards by dancing through their obstacles like a shadow in the night, before seizing the key to your freedom and unlocking new possibilities.

For more detailed guide on the Chinese Zodiac for this month of April 2024, visit this additional article to understand how each Chinese zodiac fare in this Earth Dragon month.

Monthly Chinese Zodiac Forecast April 2024
Monthly Chinese Zodiac Forecast April 2024

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